We teach traditional art concepts and guide students to be creative in their own unique way. They will learn about different mediums, techniques, and how to express themselves through their art.



After School Classes at Schools

We work with schools to offer a variety of art classes for kids after school hours. And the best part is - we come to them! Most classes also give a percentage back to help the schools PTO or School Association. 

Our instructors are artists and share their knowledge to help students build the confidence they need to create in their own way. They are able to adapt to each students skill level and are not just following a lesson plan. This way kids get a unique experience and our exposed to a variety of materials and techniques.

Look for sign up information to come home through your school.

Want Picassos in your school or community? Drop us a note.

After School Classes at our Studio

We offer a variety of classes in our studio during after school hours. We are in walking distance for Jones, and Barrington schools. See class listing.


We'll work with: 



Tempera Paints



& anything else we can find!