Many children with Autism Spectrum Disorder have difficulty with communication and social skills. They often rely on visual alternatives to assist with learning and self expression. ARTism classes were created to help these children access their inner creativity while allowing them another means of communication and self expression thereby improving quality of life. 

Developed by an artist and a speech pathologist, the class explores a variety of art mediums and focuses on the creative process to address sensory exploration, social interaction, language/communication skills, and to provide a creative outlet for expression. Structural supports are provided during each session and include visual schedules, picture communication supports and modeling. 

The overall goals of the classes include: 

• Sensory exploration of various materials

• Taking into account another’s perspective through art  (Theory of Mind)

•  Listening skills

•  Social interaction, language and communication skills

•  Using art as a nonverbal means of expressing thoughts, idea’s and feelings

•  Recreational outlet


Family Art TIME

Creating Art as a family is an important bonding, and communication tool. Our Family Art time at Picassos Studio is a good way for family's to interact and create memories with their children. Siblings become peer role models, and students can interact and create in a fun, nurturing environment.

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