Artful, imaginative and playful learning experiences for Kindergarteners. 

In German, the word "Kindergarten" directly translates to "children's garden." KinderARTen was created as a place children can learn and grow naturally without unnecessary demands or pressures to succeed.

This class is intended for half-day kindergartners and focuses on providing artful, imaginative and playful learning experiences. The class allows students the freedom to explore and investigate topics within a small community of learners - only 10 kids maximum per session.

Morning (8:30-11:30) or Afternoon (11:30-2:30) times are available. Snack and all supplies included. Kids bring a packed lunch. KinderARTen will follow the Upper Arlington School holiday and school closing schedule. We will do our best to provide make-up classes when necessary.


Nicole Clevenger, is an Ohio licensed K-8 teacher and taught for 16 years at Indianola Informal K-8 within the Columbus City School system.  Currently, she is a teacher at BEARS Preschool and a Curriculum Developer for Playful Learning (a NY based company that brings education to life for children, parents, and teachers).  She is also a mom to two girls who attend Barrington Elementary School and who keep her busier than ever!

Jen Wenzke, a former middle school teacher who found her calling in museum education, created camps and classes at the National Museum of Play in Rochester NY. She was the Head of Youth and Family Programs at the Rochester Museum and Science Center where she implemented year round science based programs and was the director of summer camp serving 400 kids per week. Currently she's a stay a home mama to 4 awesome and crazy kids. She runs camp at her church and teaches science based summer camp classes at The Wellington School.

Raygan Barrett, is owner of Picassos and a graduate of Columbus College of Art and Design. Her career began in communication arts, but she has always been in love with the process of making art. She believes kids learn though doing and creating on their own with prompts and guidance. She teaches various art classes for all ages, loves to paint and is a mom to a 5th and 3rd grader.


Monday Mornings & Afternoons

Taught by Nicole Clevenger with a focus on connecting literacy and art. Using broad themes, like color, nature, and lines, students will read high quality children’s literature and engage in process based art. There will be no step-by-step directions to follow and no right or wrong way to create.  Children are free to explore materials, and we will work with mediums including, but not limited to, watercolor, clay, cut paper collage, and loose parts. Over the course of the year, children will be exposed to the work of different children’s authors and illustrators as well as some of the great artists. There will be a writing component in our day, which will evolve naturally from our art experiences. 

Wednesdays Mornings

Taught by Jen Wenzke with a focus on social studies including themes such My Community, Maps, Transportation, Ohio and even Egypt. The kids will travel the world near and far while staying right in Upper Arlington. They will learn about the geography of the different regions, the cultures, and the art! The kids will use their imaginations to create one of a kind art related to each topic. They will gain a greater appreciation for their corner of the world as well as communities on the other side of the world.

Wednesdays Afternoons

Taught by Raygan Barrett with a focus on nature and seasons, she'll guide students to see things through an artist eye. Students will learn about color, texture, different types of plants and flowers, insects, backyard creatures, animals, the moon and more all while learning about different art techniques and mediums. 

Friday Mornings

Taught by Jen Wenzke with a focus on math and science including themes like Geology, Physics, Chemistry and Geometry. When science and math meet art there is true magic! Come and explore the artistic side of math and science. We will create individual projects as well as group projects. Making math and science approachable and fun is a passion of Jen's.

Friday Afternoons

Taught by Raygan Barrett with a focus on artists throughout history and today. Students will explore history through different types of art and artists and learn how art plays a role in all we do. Throughout the course of the year, children will do art service projects, have an art show, keep a sketchbook of their favorite artists, write their own artist bios and learn about history all while creating lots of art with different mediums.

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