The Art of Team Building

A culmination of art, psychology, team building, leadership and facilitating.


A productive and insightful team building experience can make an impact on the overall happiness and productivity of your team. Our goal is to help your team explore, discover and influence outcomes that correlate to current situations they may be facing everyday. The result is not only an interesting piece of art, but will serve as a reminder of the powerful lessons they’ve learned about themselves and team mates during their experience.

Our Expertise

Lee Ann Lander, Teaching Artist and Speaker

Lee Ann has spent 20+ years in corporate America and became a self taught artist and photographer 8 years ago out of a basic need and yearning to be creative in a child like way. One of the most unexpected and interesting outcomes of that, plus discovering art later in life, is her ability to see analogies of team building and leadership aspects within the creative process.

For her – art is never just art. It is a lesson of the soul making it’s way out onto something concrete. Helping others discover that for themselves is the best reward she could ask for. 

Raygan Barrett, Owner of Picassos and Teaching Artist

Raygan spent 20+ years working as a graphic designer and left it all behind because she missed creating art by hand. Her dream was to build a studio where people would come to create and explore. She has taught various mediums and classes for every age. She is continually studying the effects of process art in children as well as adults. She is currently developing art curriculum to help foster creativity in unique ways and help adults discover the ability to let go of preconceptions of their lack of artistic ability.

Our Process

We start each experience with a brief consultation (in person, by phone or email) to identify the needs of your team building experience. We will then identify activities, outcomes and goals that would be most meaningful for your team.
Due to the custom nature of our workshops, price is based on the
number of people, project, and goal.

Offsite versus Onsite

Each team building experience is unique and while we think most times its best to hold the workshop offsite we also are willing to come to your location. Picassos is a bright art studio space in Upper Arlington that can accommodate up to 50 people. We offer catering, live music, or whatever your experience calls for.

Capturing Big Ideas

We offer other mediums to connect with your employees after the workshop. From a PowerPoint presentation to a coffee table book, ask us about the ways we can recreate the ideas, thoughts and language developed during your team building experience.

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