The Natural Joy of Creating


Children are naturally artistic and creative. They learn by playing and experiencing. When we give too many rules or expectations, we take away their element of play and learning through curiousity. The greatest creative minds let their creative spirit guide them—this is what we refer to as process art.

Our Tiny Picassos classes allow young minds to flourish and explore process art in a fun, nurturing, creative environment.

Meet Nicole Clevenger

Nicole, is an Ohio licensed K-8 teacher and taught for 16 years at Indianola Informal K-8 within the Columbus City School system.  Currently, she is a teacher at BEARS Preschool and a Curriculum Developer for Playful Learning (a NY based company that brings education to life for children, parents, and teachers).  She is also a mom to two girls who attend Barrington Elementary School and who keep her busier than ever!

Meet Kristen March

Kristen grew up attending art classes at CCAD. Her own art has spanned from portrait art to puppets to interior design. She is currently the mom of two kids, 5 and 7 and enjoys involving them in her artistic endeavors and encouraging their own creative genius. 

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