Observing your child's art

Observing your child's art

As we gear up to start our art classes next week, I want to share some ideas about talking to your kids about their art. It's important that grown-ups don't respond with our own ideas - which can be hard to do!

Consider their age, asking a preschooler specifics about what they are drawing can be confusing, instead just observe and make some comments about what you observe:

- You have pink dots and purple dots

- Those two shapes are overlapping

- I see you added yellow to both sides of the page

Some simple observations can go along way, it helps them think about their art, and some of the conscious or unconscious decisions they made. By describing their exploration, you reinforce their creative exploration. And they will love the attention you've given to their art.

For older kids, this same philosophy applies, but you can go a bit deeper to ask them about the subject matter, feeling, or experience they are expressing. Or just comment on what you see in their art. This gets them thinking, and talking about their work.

- You have drawn water in your picture, is it cold? is it deep? 

- I noticed the colors you used all feel warm. How did you decide on these?

- I see you repeated this shape, and made it big and small...

Observing their work instead of just makng a general comment will help develop their critical thinking skills and grow their creative confidence, and most of all it will help you enjoy their art with them.

I look forward to making art with your kids!



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"To draw, you must close your eyes and sing." - Pablo Picasso