Picassos is a fine art based, process studio.

What does that mean? It means our classes are developed with fine arts principals in mind, but are set up in a process studio environment. It’s the process of teaching creativity not a particular product or craft.

I believe that children need the creative process as part of their overall learning experience. By learning how to approach a problem from different angles and solve it in their own unique way, it helps build confidence and critical thinking skills.  

Art in our schools has become product-focused and in a way we have lost the fundamentals of experimentation. Not every child will grow up to do something in the art field but having art as a foundation will always set them apart.

As a mom, I noticed our kids are more structured than ever. From 6 step math problems that have to be solved a certain way to their busy school day, homework and sports schedule. They need a release from the structure and a nurturing environment to create. A place to guide and push limits.

Each of us can benefit from creative exploration, any age, whether you consider yourself an artist or not. This is why I created Picassos.

With a BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design, I ended up in the field of Graphic Design. After several years, I wanted to get back to the roots of my creativity. I've spent the last four years doing art with artists of all ages, studying the benefits of art in their everyday life and planning new ways to bring art to the community. 



What makes Picassos different; our instructors are teaching artists.

Each artist brings a unique set of skills to the studio. Our instructors are artists; they are not just following a lesson plan. They are creative individuals that share their knowledge and experiences. They have the ability to get to know the kids and adapt to their needs and skill level.

Our classes helps kids to:

• think creatively

• observe, analyze, and interpret

• express feelings without words

• practice critical thinking skills

• discover there is more than one way to do something

• learn about different techniques and mediums

• discover new types of art and processes

• build upon and fine tune skills

• create by exploring at their own pace

We're successful if each project looks as unique as the person who created it.